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Fire & LED Dance Show information 

Show options

I offer some options to design the best suitable show for your event.​

  • Over the years I have collected a wide range of theatre costumes, and can offer a style adapted to the theme of your event.  

  • I carefully select my music to create an uplifting atmosphere which in harmony with movements and fire effects. 

  • Performance duration can be adjusted to your requirements: 

  • Standard show duration is 15 minutes, which can also be split between two 8 minutes sets.

  • Fire and LED shows can be combined in one evening, with 10 minutes for each show.

  • All shows can be presented as a stage show.

  • The shows can performed with direct interaction, walking though the audience.

  • I can offer a bigger version of the show with more performers, choreography and ad-hoc music .



Location requirements

  • The performing area or stage must have a minimum surface of 3 by 3 metres.

  • When working with fire, the room should have a minimum height of 3 meters, in order to comply with safety regulations.

  • I am fully equipped to create a safe show environment.  


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